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I am writing about the Aubrey, TX DG store. I have lived in this town for 6 generations, our family founded Aubrey.

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  • Anonymous's picture
    Charlotte Doss

    DG store!! not GD store...typing error

    1 year 6 months ago
    I am writing about the Aubrey, TX DG store. I have lived in this town for 6 generations, our family founded Aubrey. I have shopped in the Aubrey and Pilot Point store since their opening. I buy everything from the DG store and love the value and convenience....despite the frequent filth and disorder. My husband provides me with a generous income of which I can spend as much as I want on frivolities, which DG has many of...sum it up, I spend a lot that I don't have to at DG. However, I always buy my makeup, clothing etc. elsewhere...dept. stores. That's the background, here's the complaint. In all the years that I have shopped DG, I never realized how exclusive your cosmetic section was....if I did, I would not be spending hundreds of bucks at Ulta and Dillards. Today your nail polish peaked my interest. As it is Saturday and we were spending the day together I took the time to look at and pick out a few of the polishes for her. Mind you I shop at exclusive stores for my polish when I buy, but normally have them done at the nail salon. Okay: So as I always do (everywhere) when choosing a nail color, I open the bottle (unsealed) as everyone does. I put one drop of exactly three diff. colors on three of my nails and tested them on my daughter. I had several I had set in basket to buy, along with some lip gloss, eye shadow and a couple of eye pencils....all of which we didn't need, just getting for the fun. The manager jumped on us like we were white trash...she said, "Are you buying that polish, you can't just come in here and sit and paint your nails!" I couldn't help but laugh at her....really? says I...are you serious? Yes, we are buying some polish, just checking to see if we like. (MIND YOU...I put a small sample on, whilst there were nail marks all over the polish racks) She said, these are not is store policy not to do that. I just apologized and said ok...because my daughter was there and I would not stoop to the level of this white trash woman. I was also big enough to purchase the colors we wanted and everything else in my basket when I wanted to throw the stuff at her. I do not have to shop at DG, there is now a Family Dollar across the store....and as of late, this type of thing has happened one too many times to not only me but other family members. I spoke to the nice young man checking me out...and without going into detail, I feel sorry for the young man who has to work under this rude, power hungry bitch. If you have a problem with a customer, can you not approach in kindness? Again, everywhere I buy nail polish, it is customary that you can dab a small amount on to test it, as it's not a health violation, or breaking the seal on any product. The manager enjoyed the humiliation of me. Just to mess with her head, I picked up a bottle of the L.A. rack near the check out and did it again. She ran over and said, mam I already told you you are not allowed to do I can't sell this bottle and took it to the back. (we all know that she can and did put it back out to sell.) Whomever owns this store might want to consider getting rid of this ignorant, white trash woman. I know who she is, Denise is her name. Her husband has been in jail multiple times for breaking the law, in a small town that in itself is enough to make your store look bad, she doesn't need to show her white trash, low class true self to your customers if you want any....p.s. there is a new Walmart being built a few miles up the road, you might want to think about getting rid of this stupid lady if you want to have hometown customers frequent your store. When she is gone, I will again spend hundreds of dollars a month in the Aubrey store, not until. As you can tell, I'm irate about this. The woman has a lot of nerve. Charlotte Doss 940-391-9380