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Hulu plus is a popular streaming service that enables people to bring their favorite TV shows wherever they want. Suffer the pain of reality no longer, take your favorite (but usually old and B rated) TV shows wherever you want. But if you need to get a hold of the outsourced customer service staff of hulu plus, good luck finding their number on the website. Thankfully we're here with your favorite phone number (and review) wiki. As always please update the phone number if you find it is inaccurate and chime in with your experience with Hulu plus below!

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Hulu Plus
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I am trying to watch Gyebaek korean drama and there is no subtitles on my smart TV
Got hulu to watch Empire tv show and it would not play them
We got it all fixed. They were very helpful.

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Recent comments

  • Anonymous's picture


    1 week 2 days ago
    I am trying to watch Gyebaek korean drama and there is no subtitles on my smart TV
  • Anonymous's picture
    Rolanda Stevenson

    movie would not play

    1 week 3 days ago
    Got hulu to watch Empire tv show and it would not play them
  • Anonymous's picture
    Michelle Patrick

    Email misspelled

    3 weeks 1 day ago
    We got it all fixed. They were very helpful.
  • Anonymous's picture

    Daily burn

    3 weeks 5 days ago
    I can't get daily burn to work so I can sign up for it... I just got my husband to say ok! I can't get anyone on the phone, because apparently people don't work early enough to help everyone in the USA! I'm very very very very frustrated, and I guess I'll just do my own workouts! You didn't want my extra $12.95 per month anyway, did you?
  • Anonymous's picture
    Charles Willard

    bill inquiry support/help asap call back number 727-288-8981

    5 months 1 day ago
    Need to talk to customer service live help as soon as possible e mail please contact me? Emergency!!!!
  • Anonymous's picture
    Carol Landbergy

    more vera seasons

    5 months 2 weeks ago
    I believe that there are 3 more seasons of "Vera." Can you add them to your offerings? Thanks. Dakota Erikson
  • Anonymous's picture
    stefanie mcnair

    free trial that lasted over 2yrs

    5 months 3 weeks ago
    I did a free trial of hulu over a yr or so ago thought I cancelled never watched since then but I am getting charged for something I don't watch and I would not have known until I looked at my bank statement this sucks I hope you guys reimburse me
  • Anonymous's picture
    Denise tapia

    Hulu plus

    8 months 4 days ago
    Hulu plus sucks the shows keep freezing and or won't play
  • Anonymous's picture
    Janice Cage

    Hulu Plus

    8 months 2 weeks ago
    Hulu plus sucks, the movies are never working and they charged me three payments within a one week span. They charged two payments on the same day and another within a few days of that. I want my money back and I will never order hulu plus ever again.
  • Anonymous's picture

    billing and ripoff

    8 months 3 weeks ago
    Did the 7 day trial was charged the 7.99 monthly fee went to watch videos and couldnt do so called hulu and they say there is nothing they can do about it im out the money and cant even watch videos to boot dont do it, its a major con!!!
  • Anonymous's picture

    for 2 months I've been trying

    9 months 4 days ago
    for 2 months I've been trying to cancel Hulu Plus and now it keeps charging every month so now I need you guys give my money back and cancel it for me please cause I been trying to cancel it
  • Anonymous's picture

    I had two accounts

    9 months 6 days ago
    I came across my checking account info that let me know Hulu had taken two payments. I call and right away I got a very pleasant young lady that let me know I dint cancel one of my accounts I put it on hold so for about 3 months I was being charged for both (it was totally my own fault) she was so kind and refunded me my payments for on account and laughed with me about my own mistake. Amazing customer service hands down the best I have ever gotten over the phone Thanks Hulu
  • Anonymous's picture


    9 months 3 weeks ago
    So many playback issues and dropped shows and ALL sorts of problems. Because they gave me a 30 day credit apparently they see no need to fix the issues. DONE! Cancelled my account and will stick to other better quality programming!
  • Anonymous's picture

    cancel service

    10 months 2 weeks ago
    the worst service ever
  • Anonymous's picture

    Hulu Plus Account

    10 months 3 weeks ago
    I never had any issues with Hulu and was able to cancel and reinstate my account without hassle and without ever needing to speak to someone. They make it pretty easy to do just by going into your account.