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Lowe's own line of tools. The telephone number for Kobalt corporate is: 866.305.4414

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Kobalt Tools
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Received Kobalt 30gal air compressor for Chrismass from my son. Missing parts pack (contents=owners manuel, air filter, hose connector).
I purchased a Kobalt tool box from Lowes in Tallahassee, Florida last year. The handle broke and I went back to Lowes and they said to call Kobalt.
I got this flashlight last Christmas and LOVED it!!!

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Recent comments

  • Anonymous's picture
    peter anderson

    kobalt 30gal air compressor missing parts

    1 week 5 days ago
    Received Kobalt 30gal air compressor for Chrismass from my son. Missing parts pack (contents=owners manuel, air filter, hose connector). Returned to Lowes store for missing items and was told to call Kobalt and that they were not responsible for missing items! Called Kobalt and was told they would not replace any missing parts for newly purchase item and store was responsible for these! Can't run/use compressor as is. Nothing left to do but return item to Lowes for full refund! Avoid both Lowes and Kobalt Tools! Go to Home Depot and purchase "Husky"!
  • Anonymous's picture
    Ken Hollingsworth

    Kobalt Tool box

    1 week 5 days ago
    I purchased a Kobalt tool box from Lowes in Tallahassee, Florida last year. The handle broke and I went back to Lowes and they said to call Kobalt. Kobalt personnel said I had to go back to Lowes. They said they had no replacement handles and they could not help me. I'm having a hard time finding a replacement handle.
  • Anonymous's picture
    diana wehrwein

    kobalt hyper coil flashlight

    2 weeks 1 day ago
    I got this flashlight last Christmas and LOVED it!!! Recently, it has not been holding a charge. I use it every morning (when it's still dark) to walk my dog. What should I do with it??? Is there a replacement battery package?? Please email me at sunnyd123@comcast.net. Thank you. Diana Wehrwein
  • Anonymous's picture
    Eli Kasan

    new product

    3 weeks 1 day ago
    I designed a new type of prybar, none other like it available that i can find. I have a provisional patent for this and wanted to know if your company would be interested in manufacturing and distributing it. I do not have the means to do either. Please reply if interested or if you know of someone else is better suited to do this, Thank You Kasan173@gmail.com
  • Anonymous's picture
    Rena Chavez

    Kolbalt Flexible Flashlight Item #: 498288 | Model #: 63

    4 weeks 1 day ago
    I called in to see what replacement options maybe available for the product because we love the product but the flexible connection seems to give out every 6 months or so, we have 3 flashlights because we have bought replacements. We are using the ones that the flexible connector has given out on as hand-helds. I called and was on hold for about 40 minutes before talking to someone and then then person I talked to was rude. She did request a replacement for the product but her listening and customer service skills were definitely lacking. I work in the customer service call center industry and this agent didn't even have basic please and thank yous down and poor listening skills. If she took the time to listen the call would have been more efficient and I'm sure she would have less "bad calls" each day with a few changes that would make customers feel appreciated and valued.
  • Anonymous's picture
    Phil Traylor

    Kobalt miter saw

    1 month 4 days ago
    They don't have any replacement parts available and they break really easy. My employees broke it in three different places moving it in and out of the van which is a constant task. I guess they want you to throw it away if it breaks and buy a new one.
  • Anonymous's picture
    robert ziegler

    miter saw. tile saw

    3 weeks 6 days ago
    Bought a 350.00 tile saw and the crap bracket that holds the motor broke on the second job, I was stupid enough tor then by a kobalt silding miter saw, I broke the blade guard and have been on hold three times on two different numbers and no customer service rep ever answered. DON'T BUY KOBALT TOOLS THEY ARE INFERIOR JUNK AND YOU CAN'T EVEN GET REPAIR PARTS!!!!
  • Anonymous's picture


    1 month 3 weeks ago
    QUOTE FOLLOWING: 1. 04 SETS. HIGH SPEED STEEL TOOL BITS SET, COBALT M42 DIN 4964, TYPE: SQUARE, RANGE SIZES: THICKNESS 1/4" WIDTH, 5/16", 3/8", 7/16", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", 1", LENGTH: 6" EACH, 2. 04 SETS. HIGH SPEED STEEL TOOL BITS SET, COBALT M42 DIN 4964, TYPE: ROUND, RANGE SIZES: WIDTH: 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", THICKNESS: 1/4", LENGTH: 6" EACH, 3. 03 SETS. SHORT MACHINE TAPS, TAP INDEX SETS IN METAL BOXES, BS 949 ISO 529, TYPE: UNC, STRAIGHT FLUTE TAPS IN 3's, TAPER, SECOND & BOTTOMING LEADS, RANGE SIZE: 1.0", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 7/16", 1/2", ORIGIN: USA/UK/EU/JAPAN 4. 03 SETS. SHORT MACHINE TAPS, METRIC COARSE BS 949 ISO 529, SPIRAL FLUTE 60 025, RANGE: M3-M16, TAP CLEARANCE: CLASS 2 FOR 6H FIT, FINISH: TIN, 5. 03 SETS. END MILL CUTTERS, MULTI FLUTES NORMAL SERIES, BS 122/4, TYPE: PLAIN SHANK, SET NO: 40 101 HSSE, RANGE: 1/l6"--2", FINISH: BRIGHT, 6. 03 SETS. END MILL CUTTERS, 2 FLUTES LONG SERIES, BS 122/4, TYPE: PLAIN SHANK, SET NO: 31 30I M42 8% Co, RANGE: 2-50mm, FINISH: BRIGHT, 7. 03 SETS. END MILL CUTTERS, MULTI FLUTES NORMAL SERIES, BS 122/4, TYPE: PLAIN SHANK, SET NO: 40 101 HSSE, RANGE: 2.00mm - 50.00mm, FINISH: BRIGHT, 8. 02 EA. Pipe Wrench, Length: 240mm, forged parts tempered. In heat treated steal as per DIN 17212, 9. 06 EA. Ratchet, Square drive 1/2", Reversible with recessed lever change for hand driven sockets, Mat: Vanadium 31 CrV 3, 10. 02 SETS. Allen Head Wrenches with T -Handle, Range: 2.5-10mm, for hexagon recessed head screws. Mat: Vanadium 50 CrV 4,(Set of 8pcs), 11. 04 SETS. Round-Nose Pliers, toothed, Tempered steel as per EN 10083 DIN ISO 5745 (set of 04 pcs), Pattern: TL, C, JC, JCP), 12.06EA. Combination Pliers (Engineer's Pliers), Tempered steel as per EN 10083, DIN ISO 5746, 13. 04EA. Screw Drivers for slotted head screws, Extra long, High alloy tool steel, 14. 04EA. Plastic Hammer (Recoilless), strong steel shaft, with threaded, extruded nylon heads (polyamide), 15. 04SETS. Feeler Gauge, Fan Pattern, with protective handle, folding, blade length 100mm. 16. 04SETS. Impact Socket Deep Length, Drive: 1/2", 16 impact sockets in TBT-38 tray, 17. 02 SETS. Adjustable Wrenches, Cobalt Finish, Range: 4"-18", (set of 14 wrenches), 18. 10 EA. Brass Hammer, Non-sparking, Weight class: 2.1/2”LBS 19. 10 EA. Brass Hammer, Non-sparking, Weight class: 4 LBS
  • Anonymous's picture
    Doug Miller

    Utility Knife with snap off blades

    2 months 2 weeks ago
    I have a large kobalt utility knife with the large heavy duty snap-off blades and I need a new one because the screw assemble that clamps the blade in place came apart and I lost the parts but went to lowe's and they don't have that knife anymore. Is it possible to get a new knife ?
  • Anonymous's picture
    Tom John Matthews


    2 months 3 weeks ago
    drawer slides for my box i have 2 units # 258147 and i need the slides for 3 drawers, 2 of each ( 1073293 & 1076369 ) can any body hepl me out
  • Anonymous's picture

    Diagonal Cutter 0464618

    3 months 1 day ago
    We love Kobalt products in general but this diagonal cutter has very sharp edges at the hinge that the manufacturer should de-burr. I used files to remove the sharp edges.
  • Anonymous's picture
    Julius Manz

    Cam lock for truck box

    3 months 1 week ago
    Cam lock on my truck box wore after less then 1 year. Called for a new one, but they only sell the entire latch set. Talk about poor custormer serrvice. I will stay away from Kobalt products in the future
  • Anonymous's picture
    Micheal Smith

    Model #112374 Kobalt tool box

    3 months 4 weeks ago
    I have 2 of these tool boxes , I average $30,000.00 in purchases from Lowes and have several different Kobalt tools as well including full sets of wrenches , pliers , screwdrivers , several different hammers and tons of misc tools . The tool box in question has drawers that have bent/folded with the weight of tools in the drawers and the slides are also failing . Unfortunately the company Kobalt chose to manufacture this device does not produce new drawers anymore and Lowes nor Kobalt were willing to help with my issue . At this point I will not spend another Nickle at Lowes and I will never purchase another Kobalt product either . I will go back to Sears for my tools and use other suppliers for my business , home improvement needs as well as my rental property repairs . You have horrible customer care and wash your hands of these matters . The warranties need to be more clear as we were under the impression this toolbox was lifetime warrenty as same as other tools we have purchased . Very bad experience with no help , just transfer from one entity to another with absolute no help !!!
  • Anonymous's picture
    kathy patterson

    3/8 air ratchet wrench

    5 months 2 weeks ago
    I will never purchase a kobalt tool again, learn my lesson quickly......I purchased this wrench for my husband for Christmas......it has never worked since the day he took it out of the box....he didn't need to use it until a few weeks ago and it would not work, straight out of the box......Lowes will not do nothing about it because I do not have my receipt....called the customer service number 888-356-2258 for kobalt...first time after being on hold for 10mins waiting to talk to someone, the phone just hung up and never spoke to anyone, so called back and the lady I spoke with could not do anything to help me, she said take it back to Lowes.....this tells me kobalt has a problem honoring their tool warranties along with Lowes.......I have turned them into BBB.....so now I have a 35 dollar tool that is worthless and out 35 dollars....I work hard for my money, really don't like giving it away, but I did in this case but not again.....going back to craftsmen tools, at least they will do something for you when you have a issue, either replace or repair
  • Anonymous's picture

    Kobalt Tool Box

    5 months 4 weeks ago
    I bought a large stainless steel toolbox for my husband about 12 yr. ago and paid $1,300.00 for it. It has been getting surface rust on it for awhile now and we have tried to clean it but the rust continues to come back. I understood that Stainless Steel means it does not rust. I called and talked w/some lady. She checked w/her manager and told me that Stainless Steel does not mean rust proof (I beg to differ) anyway she just told me to use a rust cleaner--dah I have! The meaning for the phone call was to complain that it does not hold up as I was told by salesman. It is kept in a garage and does not sit outside. I am very unhappy that they do not stand behind their product. The customer service lady however was very nice and was just repeating what her supervisor told her. I will never buy any Kobalt product ever again.